Emergency Generators

It’s that very absence of sound that should cause you concerned. No rush of air through your home’s air ducts means there isn’t any...

emergency generator

26 Survival Uses for Bandanas

Bandanas are an amazing survival tool with literally hundreds of uses. They are perfect for stockpiling and for packing in all of your bug out bags. Any prepper knows...

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DIY Planning

How to Communicate in SHTF

We are so connected in our everyday world, even thinking about existing without cell phones scares people more than they are willing to admit. That is only one of the...

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About US Preppers

Robert and wifeWelcome and thanks for visiting! My name is Robert and our mission at US Preppers is to help you prepare for emergencies or disasters before they happen. As a family man and father of two boys, I am concerned about the future of our modern way of life. We know things can happen and we are not going to be complacent and let society dictate our survival.

We are US Preppers!


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