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How To Communicate In SHTF

How to Communicate in SHTF

We are so connected in our everyday world, even thinking about existing without cell phones scares people more than they are willing to admit. That is only one of the reasons why it is so important to prepare for the…

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Long Shelf Life Foods – 12 Staples Of Long Term Food Storage

Long Shelf Life Foods - 12 Staples of Long Term Food Storage

One of the best ways to ensure your family is prepared for no matter what is to have a useful, and plentiful, supply of stored food. I love MREs and freeze dried meals, specifically because they are so easy to…

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First Aid For Preppers – Part 4: Stings, Bites & Stomach Bugs

First Aid for Preppers - Part 4: Stings, Bites & Stomach Bugs

So a disaster has struck setting bug-out plans into motion. There's no place to stay, hotels are full, extended family and friends have been turned out of their homes leaving everyone on their own to seek out shelter. Left out…

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Why Leaves May Be The Most Useful Survival Item Ever

Why Leaves May be the Most Useful Survival Item Ever

The old saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees, but who needs money when something even more valuable grows on them? Leaves. Okay, so maybe they aren’t going to accept leaves as legal tender, but if SHTF, there may be…

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Creating Your Own Family Emergency Plan

Creating Your Own Family Emergency Plan

Prepping is more than just having a lot of great supplies. You must also have a plan if you want your family to survive any situation successfully. If you are preparing for a family rather than just yourself, there are…

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How To Prep Like A Mormon

How to Prep Like a Mormon

Followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints religion are taught a lot about self-reliance. One of the key components of their teachings encourages you to prepare your family for the possibility of  hard times to come. Their…

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First Aid For Preppers – Part 3: Shock, Heatstroke & Hypothermia

First Aid for Preppers - Part 3: Shock, Heatstroke & Hypothermia

When a disaster drives us from the shelter of our homes, forced to bug-out in a hurry the family is subjected to the elements whatever they may hold in store. In the middle of summer, marching out with hefty packs…

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Father’s Day Preppers Gift Guide

Father's Day Preppers Gift Guide

Whether Dad is a prepper now, or if he’s just thinking about becoming one, Father’s Day is the perfect time to gift your favorite guy with some great stuff that will help in a survival situation. Here’s a list of…

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Talking To Your Kids About TEOTWAWKI

Talking to Your Kids About TEOTWAWKI

Teaching your kids survival skills is a wonderful thing to do… whether it is in backpacking and outdoors skills, gardening, food preservation, self defense and firearms, or maybe even a little bit of all of them-- these skills are important,…

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10 Fail Proof Foods To Grow For Beginning Homesteaders

10 Fail Proof Foods To Grow For Beginning Homesteaders

It is springtime, and everyone, prepper or not, is beginning to consider planting and growing a garden. For those that want to successfully feed their family, but are not necessarily the most seasoned gardeners, there are several fruits and vegetables…

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26 Survival Uses For Bandanas

26 Survival Uses for Bandanas

Bandanas are an amazing survival tool with literally hundreds of uses. They are perfect for stockpiling and for packing in all of your bug out bags. Any prepper knows that these little gems are worth their weight in almost any…

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First Aid For Preppers – Part 2: Sprains & Broken Bones

First Aid for Preppers - Part 2: Sprains & Broken Bones

Here, in this the second installment of First Aid for Preppers, we are attending to sprains, strains and broken bones. In the rush to reach safety or to secure the home during an emergency, it's all too easy to make…

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9 Bug Out Supplies For Your Purse (or Pocket!)

9 Bug Out Supplies for Your Purse (or Pocket!)

Everyone, even if you don’t use a purse, boys, should think about carrying a few simple bug out supplies with them at all times (wearing survival paracord bracelets is a great example of how to easily do this). The truth is…

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Packing An Office Bug Out Bag

Packing an Office Bug Out Bag

Once people set up their first bug out bag they begin to realize they can’t have it everywhere with them all the time. And that is when you start thinking about other ways to keep yourself safe. I mean what…

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First Aid For Preppers – Part 1: Blisters, Burns & Nasty Wounds

First Aid for Preppers - Part 1: Blisters, Burns & Nasty Wounds

Amidst the chaos of a widespread emergency, injuries will no doubt happen-- but not just to the other guy. There is every possibility that, no matter how many precautions are taken, someone in your family, a friend or neighbor will…

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Self-Defense & Your Kids

Self-Defense & Your Kids

Kids can be very vulnerable and very dependent, and as parents it is our job to teach them how to grow up into strong, independent adults. In a SHTF scenario, however, they may be forced to grow up faster than…

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Prepping For A Flood

Prepping for a Flood

The recent floods in Texas have once again brought to light how important preparing for disasters can be. Preppers are so often painted as people who are waiting for the world to end, but the truth is a real prepper…

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Earthquakes: Prepping To Survive The Aftermath Part II

Earthquakes: Prepping to Survive the Aftermath Part II

Earthquakes, usually happen at the most inconvenient times. For most of the population this causes panic and uncertainty, at the very least it will send stress levels skyrocketing through the roof. As preppers, we do what we can to anticipate…

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The Family Car Needs A Bug Out Bag, Too!

The Family Car needs a Bug Out Bag, too!

Time to feel proud, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. The stockpile of food and water are set, plenty to last more than week. The house is stocked and ready for sheltering everyone in place. The whole family…

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Using Closeout Sales To Build Your Stockpile – MEMORIAL DAY 2015!

Using Closeout Sales to Build Your Stockpile - MEMORIAL DAY 2015!

You could spend thousands of dollars on prepping supplies and all of your money would be well spent. But in this expensive world, even a family that doesn’t have any financial problems could use a little relief on their pocketbook. For…

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Beginning Canning For Preppers

Beginning Canning for Preppers

Canning is important for any prepper or homesteader to learn if you want to truly make the most out of the food you have. Some people think canning is just for gardeners, but there are endless foods you can get…

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Making A Mini Bug Out Bag For Your Kids’ School Backpack

Making a Mini Bug Out Bag for Your Kids' School Backpack

Most preppers with families know how important it is to make sure your children are prepared. Every member in your family should have a bug out bag, preferably one that will cover at least 72 hours in a survival situation.…

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6 Steps To Turn A Backyard Camping Trip Into A Kid’s Survival Course

6 Steps to Turn a Backyard Camping Trip into a Kid’s Survival Course

Everyone loves a backyard camping trip, it’s great fun for everyone, but it’s also a great opportunity for learning. It is a fun way to teach your kids the basics of self-reliance, without them realizing they are learning anything because…

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Prepping For Beginners, Where You Should Start.

Prepping for Beginners, Where You Should Start.

Generously Contributed By Skip Tanner The idea of prepping can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who are just starting out. When you start looking at everything all the books say about everything that you need to do in…

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Earthquakes: Prepping To Survive The Aftermath Part I

Earthquakes: Prepping to Survive the Aftermath Part I

Events like the recent Nepalese 7.8 earthquake, while a world away for people in the U.S., nonetheless make many of us sit up and take notice, especially for those living in quake-prone regions. The “Big One” has long been predicted…

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